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It says my email is already in use.

  1. If you receive a message that your email is already in use, you have already created a Mandolin account.
    • To log-in to your existing account, you need to click "< All sign up options"
    • Next, select the option "Already have an account? Sign in.located at the bottom of the modal.
    • From the next screen, select the sign-in method you used when creating your account.
    • Please note: The email on  your Mandolin account MUST match the email you used for your purchase. If you select "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook", make sure the corresponding email address still matches the email you used for purchase.
  2. The next step you can take to gain access to your account if you receive a message that your email is already in use is to reset your password. You can do so by clicking "Forgot Password" when on the sign-in page or follow this link: https://watch.mandolin.com/?forgot.
  3. If the issue persists please email help@mandolin.com.

I don't see my tickets when I log in to my account.

  • Double-check that the email you used to sign in to the show is the same email that you claimed your ticket with. You can only access the show by using that email address. 
  • If you look in the top-right corner of the account page, you will see your name and email address. If the email address does not match the email you used for purchase, you will need to sign out and then sign back in using the correct email address.

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